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We provide a platform where young minds are encouraged to develop programming skills at no cost while they also earn by teaching programming to pupils and students in private schools.



Our Programs

We offer a comprehensive curriculum on every course our students undertake. Our course content has been structured in an entrepreneural approach.


Web Application Development

This course is for anyone who wants to develop proficiency in front-end website development using HTML/CSS, server-side web application development.
During the course, we explore web application programming using PHP, Laravel, JavaScript


HTML/CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySql, Laravel, CodeIgniter


Application Software Development

This course exposes you to the development of stand-alone system application softwares. During the course, we explore app developing using Python, Java, Q Basic, Visual Studio

3 Months

Python, Java, C++, C#, Visual Studio


Data Analysis

Our Data Analysis course is a project oriented course. During the course, you will gain full exposure to dveloping data collection platforms, Analysisng data using softwares and presenting Reports.


MS Excel, MS PowerBI, Python,Visual Basic, Limesurvey, Coffeecup

Class Sessions

Our classes have been scheduled to suit your convenience. Our courses are structured for both undergraduates, professionals and job seekers.


Morning Session

9am - 12pm


Afternoon Session

1pm - 3pm


Evening Session

4pm - 6pm


Olasunkanmi Ogundele

“ Olasunkanmi Ogundele is an IT consultant with proficiency in several programming languages; he has managed several state-wide ICT projects for both private and public organisations. He leads the team of facilitators at SCHELPS TechHub. ”


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